Our engaged and dedicated employees are the foundation of our successful company. By making sure our employees feel safe, healthy, and respected – not only in job situations but also as individuals – we can be the best employer possible. By caring for our people, we provide an attractive workplace as well as maintain a strong position in the market to continue to improve the lives of patients across the globe.

Empowering people by shared core values across our organization

Elos Medtech’s company culture is based on a set of strong core values that are shared across the organization. These values guide us in our day-to-day business and create unity across our global sites.

Passion means we are committed, determined and dedicated. Trustworthy means we are open and honest. Result-oriented means that we achieve targets that create value for our customers by taking initiatives and always wanting to excel.

We strongly believe in culture, age and gender diversity

Our diverse workforce enhances our ability to understand the different cultures of the world around us. This builds a stronger and more successful company.

A mix of generations and gender in our workforce contributes to the competitiveness of our company. Elos Medtech has a balanced and stable age mix across our different business centers and our gender distribution is improving by the year. In 2017, about 40 percent of our employees were women and 60 percent were men. Our executive management consists of individuals from both the US and China as well as Scandinavia.

Personal development and self-improvement

At Elos Medtech, it is important that our employees have good opportunities to grow – regardless of gender, age or background. Competent and well-trained employees is crucial, also in reaching our goals. Our employees are given annual performance reviews and personal development plans linked to individual targets to ensure career development.

We offer our employees training each year including task-specific training as well as internal and external training courses. Some of the training events are company-wide training sessions that include all of our employees.

A safe and healthy workplace makes safe and healthy employees

Providing a safe and healthy workplace is essential to Elos Medtech. Minimizing accident is especially important to our employees who work in our factories carrying out heavy lifting, operating machinery, and doing repetitive work.

All of our employees have access to occupational health support or health care coverage and wellness coverage as part of our employer-sponsored insurance.

We promote human rights and favourable labor practices

Our Code of Conduct is the basis of Elos Medtech’s organizational culture. We believe in the importance of a strong compliance culture that is fully embedded in our business. This, together with supporting policies and procedures, reflect our commitment and safeguard the trust of our customers and stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct clearly states our stance on issues such as occupational health and safety, compensation and terms of employment, freedom of association, equal opportunity and non-discrimination as well as workplace practices.

Our Code of Conduct does not only apply to employees, board members, and management. We also encourage our business partners who contribute to Elos Medtech’s products, services, and other business activities to embrace our Code of Conduct.

Care for Our People is one out of three focus areas that are critical success factors on Elos Medtech’s sustainability agenda. Also, read Part 1: Care for Our Business – providing our customers with sustainable solutions.

Here you find our full Sustainability Report.