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“Elos Medtech is a supplier that lives up to our demands and makes suggestions for improvements”

How does one meet the medtech market’s growing need for high-quality products and solutions? At Elos Medtech, we see that having a close dialogue with customers and taking full responsibility for the production process is a good way to go. The work that we do together with our customer Vitrolife is an example of that.  

Working closely with customers to create customized medical device solutions

As a development and production partner in the medtech industry, the main priority is to provide high-quality medical device products to customers. This requires a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, customers’ challenges and the product’s applications. Therefore, it is important to not only have expertise in the field but also have a close cooperation with customers throughout the entire production process. That way, we can create customized solutions that match their specific needs. In addition, it is important for us to take full responsibility for the different phases of the production process. We call this way of working Complete Performance and it includes all the stages from development and design to production and delivery of the finished product.

Connected to this, and equally important, is to continuously optimize our own organization’s internal processes. Identifying opportunities for continuous improvements enable us to maintain high levels of accuracy, capacity and innovation in everything we do.

Vitrolife – contributing products within the IVF field

Vitrolife is one of Elos Medtech’s customers and provides solutions and services for assisted reproduction. The dishes that are used when culturing embryos have been developed by Vitrolife and are produced by Elos Medtech at Elos Medtech Microplast. The culture dishes are made of the material Polystyrene and are injection moulded in an entirely hands-off production process. The risks of unwanted particles entering the containers and potentially disturb the cell cultivation are therefore minimized.

“Our vision is to fulfill the dream of having a child. This inspires us to develop medical device solutions for IVF treatment that increase the quality of life for couples worldwide. We want a long-term and close cooperation with our suppliers to make sure that our products always meet our requirements as well as those of the clinics and authorities. Elos Medtech is a supplier that lives up to our demands and that also makes suggestions for improvements on the product and the production process. Because we can trust that the products from Elos Medtech always meet the customers’ expectations, we can also be sure to help people across the world that are longing for a child“, says Göran Mellbin, responsible for production and quality of plastic parts for IVF at Vitrolife.

Elos Medtech’s commitment to the diagnostic market

The work that Elos Medtech does together with Vitrolife is a part of our commitment to the diagnostic segment. For more than 40 years, we have gained experience in this area and developed our expertise within injection moulding as well as design and manufacture of moulding tools of plastic products. Our vision of “Transforming Medical Technology and Advancing Quality of Life Worldwide” goes hand in hand with Vitrolife’s aim to make meaningful changes in people’s lives. We believe that Complete Performance, continuous improvements and having a close dialogue with customers are important parts of our operations to reach that vision.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog article about Elos Medtech’s way of working and our cooperation with Vitrolife. Feel free to contact us with any questions, visit our website for more information and our Knowledge blog to read more of our blog articles.