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Elos Medtech in Timmersdala Celebrates 65 Years

We are happy to announce that this year, Elos Medtech in Timmersdala celebrates 65 years in the mechanical industry and some 50 years in the medtech business! For the very first time, we opened up the doors to our factory to the public. 450 curious people came to get a glimpse of what we do and how we do it. It was a very successful event, and we truly enjoyed sharing our passion for production, development, design and manufacturing of medtech devices.

Welcoming the citizens of Timmersdala into our factory

Every year, Timmersdala in Sweden celebrates the Timmersdala Day. It is a festive day full of fun activities for families and friends who live in the community. As part of this year’s programme, we decided to take the opportunity to celebrate our 65 years in the industry by welcoming all citizens into our factory.

Guided tours of Elos Medtech’s factory to exchange knowledge

We offered all visitors a guided tour of our factory to give them a good insight in our day-to-day operations; what we do and how we do it. We also offered a special tour for senior citizens with the purpose of letting them share their knowledge and experiences of Elos Medtech’s history and the development of the factory over the years. We love to be inspired by other people’s stories, and it was very exciting to hear about memories from the past and put together bits and bobs of Elos Medtech history in Timmersdala.

The history of Elos Medtech in Timmersdala goes back to 1951

The history of Elos Medtech in Timmersdala goes all the way back to the 4th of January 1951. It began in a small working premises in the town centre of Timmersdala where three men called Ekström, Lindström and Olsson opened a mechanical workshop and started producing components for a wide range of industries. This is also how the name Elos Medtech was created, based on the first letters of their surnames.

Elos Medtech and “The Father of Dental Implantology”

In 1965, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, also known as “The Father of Dental Implantology” started working with dental implants. He was the first to discover that the human body accepts titanium. In 1975, Elos Medtech in Timmersdala started cooperating with Professor Brånemark in a development project and began manufacturing dental implants for replacement of teeth.

By the beginning of the century of 2000, a decision was made by Elos to focus only on the medtech industry. Today, there are 110 people working at Elos Medtech in Timmersdala and a total number of over 500 employees in the Elos Medtech Group, which today has multiple production sites in Sweden, Denmark, China, and the USA.

Manufacturing dental and orthopaedic products

Today, we manufacture dental as well as orthopaedic products for medtech companies in our factory in Timmersdala. In addition to the products, we manufacture tools and other components used during procedures. But unlike other contract manufacturers, we take responsibility for all steps throughout the process from development, design, and construction to production and delivery of finished products. We also perform testing, product assembly, sterile packaging, and labelling. Quality is, has always been, and will always be, our main focus at Elos Medtech in Timmersdala.

New spine product for Anterior Lumbar Spine (ALS) surgery

At Elos Medtech in Timmersdala, we have also developed our own spine product called Elos Retractor™. It is specially designed to simplify the minimally invasive procedure of Anterior Lumbar Spine (ALS) surgery. The design allows for a safe and easy retraction by providing superior access to the intervertebral disc. Our new spine product will soon be introduced to the Trauma & Spine market.

To sum it up, a lot has happened over the past 65 years! And we cannot wait for the next 65 years to come. Perhaps, when we celebrate our 130 years in the medtech industry, we will still be doing it in Timmersdala, but we will have plenty of new stories to tell.

I hoped you enjoyed reading my blog article. For more fun and interesting posts visit our Knowledge Blog. Did you know Elos Medtech is also on social media? Interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Photo of Managing Director Peter Johansson and Marketing Coordinator Lotta Holtmann with Elos Medtech products taken by Anna Warner. Photo of Erik Eklund giving a presentation, and Mathias Holtmann showing the visitors around the factory, taken by Linus Wennblom.

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