The other week, Bonezone interviewed Elos Medtech’s CEO Jan Wahlström about our strategic decision to acquire U.S. based Onyx Medical and increase our presence in the orthopedic market. In the past year, Elos Medtech’s orthopedic business accounted for one-third of our total revenue. And, according to Jan, the future looks bright. We will be able to expand our offerings and better serve the market needs.

Serving as U.S. platform for growth within the orthopedic market

The acquisition of Onyx Medical has elevated Elos Medtech in many ways. “Onyx Medical has injected energy and enthusiasm into the Elos Medtech group and will serve as our U.S. platform for growth and expansion within the orthopedic market and allow us to expand offerings (such as milling, injection molding, assembly and kitting) to complement Onyx’s own core competencies and better serve the market needs, says Jan Wahlström.

Orthopedic manufacturing locations in China, Europe and the U.S.

Jan Wahlström has a positive view on future acquisitions. “We have orthopedic manufacturing locations in China, Europe and the U.S. and offer a robust set of core competencies that allows us to grow organically through our focused strategy as a contract development and manufacturing organization. Our primary emphasis will be to continue serving the orthopedic and dental markets, where our goal is to be a trusted partner to market leaders and innovators within the field. We are open to potential future acquisitions, provided they fit well within our clear focus and vision to serve these markets”, he says.

Our orthopedic business has the freedom to develop within its niche

Elos Medtech has a great ability to remain efficient and nimble, and according to Jan Wahlström, business structure plays an important part. “Each site has a particular competence, and we aim to support and grow this competence through technology development and investments. Our orthopedic business has the independence and freedom to continue developing within its niche, while also collaborating within other groups to share best practices and team up across sites wherever needed for customer projects.”

Orthopedics is a high technology market with tough demands

There are many things Jan Wahlström finds attractive about the orthopedic market. Serving the orthopedic market helps to transform and make life better for many people. I appreciate that orthopedics is a high technology market with tough demands, where constant improvement is essential and where strong partnerships between supplier and customer are embraced”, he says.

Read the full interview with Jan Wahlström here! For more info about Elos Medtech and the markets we serve, visit our website. Also, read 3 Top trends in the Orthopedic Device Market.