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Empowering dental distributors at the TTT Event in Denmark

We at Elos Medtech are committed to our customers and to advance quality of life worldwide as a sustainable business. Our dedication starts with empowering our distributors. We believe education as such is just as important as the product itself to ensure patient safety and performance. The TTT Event is committed to partnering with our distributors to develop meaningful learning experiences that ultimately impact and improve patient outcomes.

Sharing our knowledge and experience in digital dentistry

TTT stands for Train the Trainer and the first meeting was held in September 2016. The second meeting will take place this year, September 5-6. The event gives Elos Medtech the opportunity to share our expertise and at the same time discuss new requests and ideas from our distributors. This is an important way of making sure that all our distributors receive correct and updated information on our upcoming products and innovations. To gather all distributors from different countries in the same place, creates a perfect opportunity for both sharing and receiving information.

Highlights from the first TTT Event in 2016

Since this was our very first event, we were all excited and even a bit nervous! We stayed at Hotel Hillerød and the meeting took place at our manufacturing site Elos Medtech Pinol in Gørløse. All together, we were 32 persons gathering and sharing information. We launched our Elos Accurate API Bridge and had a much appreciated tour at the factory. Our engineers presented the philosophy behind our hybrid bases and Michael Braian who is a multitasking dentist, dental technician and researcher at Malmö University in Sweden had a great lecture about dental digitalization in general and 3D printing in particular. You can read more about this in our four blog articles about Michael Braian.

After the eventful and interesting first day, it was nice to visit the fabulous Fredriksborg Castle and enjoy a tasty dinner. During the two days, we had time to not only provide our information to the distributors, but also for the distributors to sit down and do some networking. They also got the opportunity to give us, as a manufacturer, feedback on our products and solutions. At this occasion, we learned that one of the major problems our distributors had was to meet the demand of warranty of the implant with our solution in the supraconstruction. We managed to identify and work out a solution for that right there in the meeting! Do not hesitate to contact your local distributor for more information on warranty.

This is just one example of the positive outcomes from last year’s event when all parties met under the same roof and shared experiences.

About Product Excellence with Elos Accurate Digital Solutions

Predictable results require reliability through every aspect of a digital workflow. Elos Accurate is our comprehensive digital dentistry solution based on reducing complexity and simplifying an open workflow for dental professionals. We have many years of experience in manufacturing of high-accuracy implant components. This experience translates into fully open digital and semi-digital workflows under the Elos Accurate family containing; IO scanbodies, model analogs, hybrid bases (for single and multiple units) and screws, drivers and torque wrenches.

Elos Accurate Libraries are free for download and compatible for uploading in the 3Shape, Dental Wings and Exocad scanners. The CAM file you create is an open file that you can mill in-house or at a central milling center – whichever suits you best.

Our latest launched products; Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Kit and Elos Accurate API Bridge are based on a further development of the Cresco system turned into a complete, open digital workflow.

People visiting a lab

Education and Product Quality are equally important

We believe education as such is just as important as the product itself to ensure patient safety and performance. For us at Elos Medtech quality includes patient safety, product quality & education as well as compliance with regulatory requirements, processes and procedures. Elos Medtech’s quality management system ensures that the quality of our products and services meet our customers’ expectations and can be reproduced and traced at any time. We never compromise on quality.

We look forward to the next TTT-meeting on 5-6 September to provide our distributors with valuable information and contacts as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in fruitful discussions. We hope to see all our distributors there! Also, feel free to contact us with any questions or visit our website for more information.