Earlier this year, Elos Medtech celebrated the 10th anniversary of our establishment in China. Our capacity and production volumes have steadily increased over the past ten years, and we are now looking forward to an even more exciting decade ahead. This as we continue to broaden and deepen our expertise, and prepare to launch our own Elos Medtech dental products on the Chinese market.

Expanding our global presence, our production, and our skillset

Expanding our global presence beyond Europe and North America was a key reason for our establishment in Tianjin, China back in 2010. Another reason was our ambition to move closer to certain parts of our supply chain. In addition, one of our major customers was already located in Tianjin.

The move meant that some of our production, and certain production processes, were transferred from Gørløse in Denmark. Our great technical expertise ensured a smooth transition, and a quick commencement of our business operations in Tianjin. Our capacity and production volumes have grown consistently in China over the years. Skills development and new production processes have allowed us to expand in the dental segment. However, we also continue to develop beyond dental, expanding our expertise within orthopedics as well as other life science areas.

Several years ago, Elos Medtech initiated an internal review of our production sites. This was done in order to identify which processes and products that were best-in-class, and to pinpoint what each site could improve upon and learn from the other sites. As for China, we are adding new processes to our production (as outlined above) and expect to work with all of Elos Medtech’s segments in the near future. Doing so will allow us to serve our customers better, and increase our ability to support other Elos Medtech sites as well.

Streamlining our work processes to become even better

Evaluating and developing your work processes does not require an all-encompassing perspective, or a major overhaul. Continual, small-scale adjustments can have a significant impact, and are often easier to implement compared to more comprehensive changes. In China, we continue to streamline our work processes, so that we can be an even better supplier and partner to our customers. This work includes:

  • Improving our supply chain, and increasing cost-efficiency.
    This can be done in several ways, such as by contributing to a better flow between suppliers and factories, and by reducing lead times between the purchase of raw materials and customer delivery.

  • Focusing on lean management and lean production.
    This includes our work with continuous improvement and making sure that it is a cornerstone of the work culture at Elos Medtech. We are also working extensively with increased digitization, as well as automatization where that will yield the best results – inspection of finished products, for example.

  • Strengthening local sales.
    Many of our current customers are present in China, and we work to make sure that we are visible to potential customers and partners as well.

  • Focusing on quality throughout the entire production process.
    The importance of this cannot be overestimated. At Elos Medtech, we believe it is critical to foster a mindset where we always keep our customers’ requirements in mind, including at the production level. Every co-worker, in every part of the process, should feel that he or she works with high-quality products that the customer should be completely satisfied with.

Introducing Elos Medtech’s products on the Chinese market

Earlier this fall, some of our Elos Medtech dental products were registered to be sold on the Chinese market. We look forward to introducing them to our Chinese customers, and to bring you more news on this subject in the future.

We are also very proud of our Elos Medtech culture of quality awareness and customer satisfaction. Our personnel is open to the fact that we can become even better at the things we already do well today. Everyone at our Tianjin site contributes to our success, and this great local teamwork will be key to Elos Medtech’s continued growth in China over the years to come.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about the work we do in Tianjin, and our presence on the Chinese market. You can also find lots of other interesting articles here on the Elos Medtech blog.