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The largest trends in spine care from Eurospine 2016

At the beginning of October, thousands of spine care professionals met at Eurospine 2016 to exchange knowledge, experiences, and research within the area. Of course, Elos Medtech was there and took part in the discussions. Did you plan on going but got held up, or are you curious to see if you missed something important? Here is my brief summary from the trade fair.

Eurospine – the Spine Society of Europe

Eurospine is the largest spine society in Europe today. Although their members are mainly orthopaedics and neurosurgeons, they welcome all spine related disciplines and professionals. One of their contributions to the development of spine related problems is to host an annual trade fair. The aim of the trade fair is to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of research, prevention, and treatment of spine diseases and related problems, and to coordinate efforts undertaken in European countries for further development in this field.

Software and robotics – the future within spine care

Topics that were highlighted at Eurospine 2016 were training for both young and advanced surgeons as well as advanced operative techniques. For example, we were introduced to different types of software that help you navigate to define an injury and perform the right treatment. Advanced computer support when using 3D scanning and X-Ray, and sophisticated robotics in surgery were also high on the agenda. I also picked up a growing need from the market to collect postoperative data and analyses from different operation methods’ success rate.

Spine surgery performed from the front generates best results

A frequently discussed topic among surgeons is how to perform lumbar interbody fusion (LIF); from the front (ALIF), the side (XLIF) or the rear (TLIF/PLIF). The topic was brought up at one of the biggest seminars at Eurospine. The majority of the surgeons stated they operate from the rear (TLIF/PLIF). However, when asked what method will generate best results in the future, the majority of the professionals agreed it will be to operate from the front (ALIF). This paves the way for Elos Medtech’s spine product Elos Retractor™, which allows safe, easy retraction by providing superior access to the intervertebral disc in anterior lumbar spine surgery. Its unique design allows secure retraction with slim retractor elements in a simple procedure, eliminating the need for large rigid blade retractors and table-mounted devices.

Elos Medtech develops and manufactures cutting edge spine products

Elos Medtech visited Eurospine 2016 with the goal of strengthening our relationships with present as well as future customers and partners, discussing market trends and sharing as well as gaining further knowledge in orthopaedics. At Elos Medtech, we enjoy meeting old and new acquaintances and discuss spine-related topics, which is a medtech area close to our heart. We are now more eager than ever to find solutions to your needs within spine care.

Read our article “Orthopaedic OEMs’ Choice of the Right Contract Manufacturer” to learn more about Elos Medtech’s way of working. I hope you found my article rewarding and that you gained some new knowledge about Elos Medtech’s engagement within spine care. Please share your thoughts with us on our social media channels.