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Dental libraries simplify the design of dental implant solutions

Precision is of the essence when it comes to dental implant solutions. The right angle, size, depth and width are just a few parameters that need to be adjusted to achieve perfection. Luckily, there are digital tools that facilitate the work of dentists and dental technicians today. In my blog post, I will explain what a dental library is, why we offer our digital libraries for free and how they can be used to create a digital workflow that is beneficial for the industry of dental implants.

An increasing need to achieve a digital workflow in the dental industry

The digital development has made an entrance in most industries today, not least in the dental industry. The process of designing customised teeth and dental solutions is changing from a time-consuming handicraft to a more sophisticated digital artform. Consequently, the need to achieve a digital workflow is growing among dentists and dental technicians. For this need to be satisfied, the dental industry must be offered modern and accessible digital solutions, beneficial for dental professionals as well as the patients.

Dental implant library – enables you to design a complete dental solution

A digital workflow starts by an intraoral scanning providing an exact digital copy in 3D of the patient’s teeth, including the implant that provides the basis for the new dental solution. This method enables the dentist to send a digital copy of the scanning to a dental technician, who in turn can open a copy of the intraoral scanning in a dental software program. The tools required to design the solutions’s exterior are included in the software program. However, in order to design a complete solution, all dental parts must be available in the software program. That includes the implant attached to the patient and the component connecting the implant and the new tooth. To gain access to these parts, your software program needs to have the right dental implant libraries installed.

Elos Accurate® offers dental implant libraries containing components for both implant crown, bar and bridge solutions

Elos Accurate® dental components are designed to fit all major implant systems. To gain access to these components, we offer four different digital libraries. Single Abutment is used when conducting a milled single abutment. Bridges and Bars is used when conducting a bridge that is connected to more than one implant. Single Abutment and Bridges and Bars enable individually fabricated components to the implants. Hybrid Base Single and Hybrid Base Bridge are libraries offering prefabricated components for single crowns and bridge solutions. Elos Medtech’s dental libraries are applicable in any open dental software. However, they are specially adapted to 3Shape, Dental Wings and Exocad, which are the three most commonly used softwares.

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Both intraoral scanning and conventional impressions can result in a digital workflow

A digital workflow allows for high-precision design work of dental solutions by ensuring correct measurements and eliminating errors. It also results in a simplified and more efficient workflow, knowing that all necessary parts are available in the software. Besides complementing the digital workflow, Elos Medtech’s dental libraries allow for a flexible milling process. When the dental solution is finished you are able to use your own milling machine, or contact a milling center of your choosing.

Another advantage of Elos Medtech’s libraries is their relevance in a semi-digital workflow. Many dentists don’t have a scanner today and therefore use conventional impressions instead of intraoral scanning. The impression is then sent physically to the dental technician who makes a gypsum model of the impression. The gypsum model is scanned and that way the impression can be added to the digital workflow. Basically, Elos Medtech’s dental libraries enable the dental technician to design the solution in a digital environment regardless if the dentist makes a rubber impression or an intraoral scanning.   

A positive impact on the patient with less risk for adjustments

The digital workflow has a positive impact on the patient as well as the end result. A conventional impression, which is conducted in a semi-digital workflow, can be perceived as unpleasant for the patient. However, an intraoral scanning is more patient-friendly. In addition, when conducting an intraoral scanning and following the digital workflow, there is a greater chance that the solution fits, and less risk of subsequent adjustments.      

Elos Accurate® API® Bridge simplifies for dental technicians

Elos Accurate® API® Bridge is Elos Medtech’s newly launched product, belonging to the library Hybrid Base Bridge. An API-kit (all parts included) comes with the product, providing the dental technician with all components needed to create the dental implant solution. Included in the API-kit is a Model Analog for printed, milled or conventional master model, a Hybrid Base Bridge with the GuideGrip™ Technology and angulation possibilities, a process screw to be used by the lab and a prosthetic screw in a separate blister for the final restoration. Included in the product is also a single batch number for the entire solution. Our aim with the API-kit is to further simplify the digital workflow for the dental technician.  

“The Elos Accurate® API® Bridge works great and simplifies my working process at the laboratorium by saving time and helping me achieve a good end result”, says Mikael Larsson, Dental Technician at Vänersborgs Tandteknik, Sweden.

Elos Medtech offers complete, open and free digital implant libraries to the dental industry

We created the libraries because we wanted to make sure that the people buying our products also have access to working with them. Our most important job is to simplify the digital workflow and to enable the dentists and dental technicians to execute high quality customised dental solutions that live up to the patients’ expectations. Therefore, we emphasise the importance of offering our dental implant libraries free of charge. At Elos Medtech, we strongly believe that the digital workflow is the future. Therefore, it is our job to take part in the digital development and make way for innovative digital solutions that will put a smile to everyone’s faces.

Visit our website to learn more about Elos Medtech and how Elos Accurate® simplifies digital dentistry. While there, don’t forget to pop by our knowledge blog for more in-depth articles related to the medtech industry. Also, contact us if you have any questions.