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Contract Development and Manufacturing of dental devices and components

Your trusted partner in health

Spine and Procedure Kits

Elos Spine provides expert contract and legal manufacturing solutions to enable you to focus on your core business.

We are experts in developing and manufacturing spinal implants, instruments and single-use procedure kits, with the capacity to support you through every stage of the product development and manufacturing process.

Our procedure kits are the perfect complement to our world-class spinal implants, combining advanced custom instrumentation to boost clinical effectiveness for patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.

Tap into our expertise as a highly specialised manufacturer with the capacity to match your ambitions through our global footprint and advanced technologies.



Surgical Instruments


Cases & Trays


Additive Manufacturing (DMLS)

Robotics & Navigation

Special Processes & Services

Get the right balance in spine and procedure kits.

Achieve optimal patient and health-economic outcomes by working closely with the experts in spinal implants, instruments and custom procedure kits. .

We take a systemic approach, ensuring early alignment and optimal efficiency by providing engineering and clinical specialists at every stage of the process from concept through to finished product.

7 reasons to partner with a medical device CDMO

Precision engineered for clinical effectiveness.

Leverage our state-of-the-art engineering and production technologies and stringent quality control to ensure high precision and reliability in every product.

With our commitment to regulatory excellence and continuous innovation, you can trust us to deliver products that not only meet but exceed your expectations, enhancing patient outcomes and reinforcing your market leadership.

Maximise value without compromising patient safety.

Achieve unbeatable cost efficiencies without compromising on product quality or performance through our streamlined production processes and global manufacturing footprint.

Our expertise in crafting spine implants and procedure kits, tailored to specific surgical requirements, allows us to ensure optimal performance and patient safety. Gain access to unmatched customization and consistency, designed to meet the exact needs of each operation.