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We blend advanced CNC machining with additive manufacturing techniques like 3D laser sintering for complex prototypes. Heat treatment enhances component integrity, while laser technologies provide precise cutting, welding, and drilling. Surface treatments and laser marking offer finishes and labeling for high-quality production. These integrated processes ensure the delivery of precision-engineered components across multiple industries.

CNC machining

Our state-of-the-art machines, operated by experienced cutting machine operators, enable us to handle complex turning tasks with maximum precision and cost-effectiveness. Utilizing straight-turning machines and turning milling centers, we achieve high-quality results that meet the exacting standards across various industries.

Milling is one of our core competencies in addition to turning. Our CNC processing centers produce a wide range of milling parts, creating complex geometries from materials such as titanium, high-alloy stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel, Kovar, and Invar. We offer services for components of varying sizes, accommodating both small and large assemblies.

Quality 5-axis grinding ensures the finest surfaces and impressive technical aesthetics. We provide exceptional flat grinding services for components of various sizes. Our capabilities include wire eroding and die sinking, integrated seamlessly into our contract manufacturing process. Our highly qualified experts utilize advanced machinery to develop, manufacture, and process high-quality precision components.

Additive manufacturing

When CNC processing reaches its limits, or erosive processing procedures are not cost-effective for smaller batches, we offer 3D laser sintering in collaboration with specialized partners. This additive manufacturing process allows us to create complex metal components, which can be further processed. We also provide upstream CNC machining for subsequent selective metal laser sintering.

Metal laser sintering is an industrial 3D printing process that manufactures fully functional metal prototypes and components in a single step. This process is ideal for creating complex 3D surface structures, internal ducts, and complete assemblies with functional elements such as hinges.

Heat treatment

We recognize the critical importance of reducing internal stresses in raw materials to prevent undesired dimensional changes during processing or in the final use of the component. We perform stress-relieving annealing by request by heating the materials in our advanced furnaces. This process helps to enhance the structural integrity of the components, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art furnaces for the annealing process. Workpieces are gradually and uniformly heated to the required temperature, followed by a maintenance phase where the temperature is sustained. The key to the process is the slow and uniform cooling phase, conducted within the annealing furnace to ensure optimal structural integrity. This meticulous approach to heat treatment underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality components across various industries.

Laser technologies

We weld a wide range of materials using advanced laser welding techniques. The laser pulse in this technology can be freely modulated, ensuring precise and secure connections. Our dedicated, secure production room with specially trained laser welding staff guarantees the necessary safety in the production process.

Laser cutting offers high-precision solutions for creating intricate shapes and complex geometries in various materials. This technology ensures clean cuts with minimal thermal distortion, making it ideal for both prototypes and high-volume production. Laser drilling provides precise, high-speed solutions for creating small, accurate holes, which are essential in applications requiring fine detail and tight tolerances. These capabilities enhance our ability to produce high-quality components, meeting the exacting standards of various industries.

Surface treatment & laser marking

We make surfaces shine by blasting them with glass beads, corundum, or ceramics, creating a matte finish and homogeneous end contours. This technique is effective for both metal and plastic parts. Our slide grinding department uses high-energy disc finishing systems for wet and dry grinding of various materials, providing gentle and precise finishing. This includes classical deburring with larger sanding bodies and achieving polished effects with finer granules. Our electropolishing process ensures smooth, clean surfaces, reducing susceptibility to corrosion and enhancing visual appearance, particularly for stainless steel components.

In addition to blasting and polishing, we offer a range of advanced surface treatments to meet your needs. Our capabilities include wire eroding, sandblasting, slide grinding, flat grinding, and stress-relieve heat treatment. We also provide finishing services such as anodizing, coating, and various grinding techniques. Laser marking is available for precise, permanent labeling of metal parts with logos, serial numbers, barcodes, or data matrix codes, including radial and 3-D engravings. Additionally, we offer anodizing and electroplating in cooperation with external partners, integrating these processes seamlessly into our production chain to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Clean room assembly

Cleanliness, safety, and hygiene are critical across various industries, including medical technology, measuring and control technology, electronics, and semiconductors. Our processes are designed to meet stringent standards for cleanliness, including freedom from toxins and micro-organisms, as well as strict requirements for residual metallic particles. We operate under clean room conditions, ensuring that all components are manufactured and processed in a controlled environment to maintain the highest levels of purity and safety.

Our fully automated cleaning system further enhances our ability to deliver contamination-free components, which is essential for sensitive applications. This meticulous approach to cleanliness not only ensures the reliability and longevity of the products but also provides peace of mind for our customers who rely on these components for their critical applications. By maintaining such rigorous standards, we support the production of high-quality, high-performance products in sectors where cleanliness is paramount.

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