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Other Precision Markets

Our expertise in precision manufacturing and development applies to a wide range of industries requiring high precision, materials expertise and advanced machining capabilities. Whatever your industry, we can support you with your precision manufacturing and development challenges, secure in the knowledge that we will never take on a project we cannot deliver.

Advanced optics and photonics

Expert care is required when handling delicate components such as telescope lenses, infrared modules and laser system components. We have significant experience developing critical components for advanced optical and photonic systems.

With cutting-edge CNC machining technologies and deep expertise in materials, we can produce intricate parts with high tolerances and make the optimal material selection to suit the most challenging environments.

Intricate components for electronics

Developing lenses, enclosures, casings, connectors, and sensor housings that will perform reliably in electronic products requires advanced machining capabilities to handle tight tolerances and complex geometries for these intricate components.

With our vast range of specialized machinery and capacity to sustain large production runs, we can support you by delivering intricate components in quantities that match your demands.


Our proficiency in machining small components from hard-to-cut materials and with complex geometries ensures that we are well-equipped to support you with jewelry manufacturing. Our advanced surface finishing techniques, including polishing and electroplating, enhance the appearance and durability of jewelry.

We offer bespoke customization, small batch production, and rigorous quality control to ensure each piece meets your high standards.

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