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Industrial Automation and Measurement

Industrial environments place significant stressors on high end components. Our precision engineering expertise, materials proficiency, and advanced manufacturing technologies enable us to produce specialized components for industrial automation and measurement systems.

Industrial automation systems

We have the necessary expertise to support you in developing all types of precision parts for use in industrial automation systems. With the capability to maintain micrometer-level tolerances consistently across large production runs, you can depend on our capability to manufacture high end components for these systems with exceptional accuracy.

Measurement and control applications

Parts for measurement and control systems in industrial settings need to be as durable as they are precise. With our expertise in precision engineering and materials science, we can support you in developing reliable and durable parts for these essential systems.

Fluid handling and control systems

In fluid handling and control systems, components require exacting tolerances and must withstand high pressure and corrosion. Our proficiency with high-quality materials like stainless steel and titanium and expertise in additive manufacturing enables rapid prototyping and production of complex geometries.

Partnering with us gives you access to CNC machining, laser cutting, and advanced welding techniques, ensuring high precision and consistency.

Sensor housings and casings

Sensor housings and casings in industrial settings require precision and the right material selection to protect against environmental risks like temperature fluctuations, contaminants, high humidity, and corrosive substances.

Our materials expertise and advanced production technologies allow us to work with hard-to-machine metals and complex geometries tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability.

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