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Aerospace & Aviation

As participants in a safety-relevant industry, aerospace manufacturers require components to be manufactured to exacting standards through carefully validated production processes. We are experienced in meeting these high standards with precision and integrity.

Motion control components

Motion control components are essential in ensuring the precise, reliable, and efficient operation of various aircraft systems, directly contributing to their safety, performance, and overall functionality.

Our advanced technical expertise and proficiency in selecting and working with advanced materials ensure we can guide you through the design and manufacturing challenges of producing these critical components.

Engine shutter parts

Engine shutter parts are critical in ensuring that the engine’s operating environment is regulated effectively, optimizing performance and preventing overheating while improving fuel efficiency through improving aerodynamics.

Our specialization in high-precision machining ensures that your shutter components meet exacting tolerances and can effectively withstand the high temperatures, stresses, and corrosive environments of an aircraft engine.

Lift assists and hold open rods

Lift assists ensure safety, efficiency, and ease of operation when lifting, positioning, and securing heavy structural elements on aircraft. We have the materials expertise to support you in producing lift assists with the exact tolerances, durability and corrosion resistance to perform consistently and smoothly under varying conditions without adding excessive weight to the aircraft.

Satellite electronics cases

Satellite electronics cases must protect the delicate components from the harsh conditions of reaching and performing in space, including radiation, extreme temperatures and mechanical stress.

We can support you with the required technical expertise through a collaborative design process, ensuring that every aspect of development for these vital satellite components supports the delivery of robust, reliable satellites which are ready to withstand the challenges of space.

Technical-aesthetic cabin

Passenger reading lamps and other technical, aesthetic components often require the same specialist machining as the components of an aircraft’s primary systems. Using advanced CNC machining and laser cutting, we create functional and visually appealing components from high-quality materials.

Our rigorous quality control ensures each piece meets aerospace standards, enhancing passenger experience and ensuring reliability.

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