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We’re dedicated to providing reliable instruments and implants for a wide range of spinal pathologies, from common issues like Spondylolisthesis to complex conditions such as spinal fractures. Leveraging our expertise in design and manufacturing, we meticulously craft solutions to meet our customers’ needs and help them restore stability to the human body.​

Our offering

We are ready to provide you with expert guidance in developing and manufacturing the following orthopedic trauma solutions:

  • Implants – including rods and plates as well as all types of pedicle screws and cages.
  • Instruments – a wide range including retractors, rod benders, torque wrenches, endoscopic instruments, drills and guide wires.

Single-use solutions

We have deep expertise in developing and manufacturing single-use solutions, from single packaged devices through to complex procedure kits which include a pre-loaded implant.

This unique specialization allows us to provide you with a comprehensive range of single-use solutions to meet your customers’ orthopedic trauma requirements.

Our expertise

Solutions for spinal pathologies

Our customers require dependable implants and instruments for addressing various common and complex spinal conditions. Our extensive expertise in manufacturing intricate parts and assemblies, combined with our knowledge of medical devices and general medicine, enables us to help restore stability to the human spine.

Advanced CNC machining capabilities

We offer specialized CNC machining services, including high-quality turning and grinding for the production of drills, pins, and guide wires, as well as precision milling for components with complex geometries. Our advanced capabilities ensure high-quality results for spinal applications.

Injection molding and overmolding expertise

Our proficiency in injection molding provides cost-effective, high-quality solutions for complex part production. We not only specialize in plastic injection in general, but also in metal and plastic overmolding techniques to integrate materials with different properties, enhancing the performance and durability of your spinal implants and instruments.

Innovative additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing fosters innovation in the design of spinal implants and instruments, enabling the creation of complex geometries and customized components in both metal and plastic. This technology streamlines our design and manufacturing processes, resulting in greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Professional sterile packaging services

Our sterile packaging services cater to implants and a wide range of single-use solutions, from instruments to complex procedure kits.

We offer a cost-effective, efficient, and safe packaging process with two distinct options to choose from: faster or tailor-made.

Flexible production capabilities

We support a diverse range of orthopedic clients with low-volume and high-volume production capabilities. This flexibility ensures we can meet your specific project needs with optimal efficiency, seamlessly accommodating varying production volumes.

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Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for orthopedic companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.