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Orthopedic procedure kits

In recent years, we have given careful attention to developing and manufacturing highly complex procedure kits. These meticulously assembled kits include all the necessary instruments for the procedure and, in some cases, even pre-loaded implants.
This novel approach saves medical professionals time and reduces patient risks while providing hospitals, specialized clinics, and ASCs with greater transparency in health economics.

Focused on patient safety

We are experts in optimizing procedures and designing single-use devices and systems, ranging from single-packaged instruments to complex kits for complete surgeries. Our design board and clean room assembly line have seen many projects, whether standalone products or associated with technology.

We focus on enhancing patient safety and enabling all healthcare economic triggers for our customers and the healthcare system.

Innovation at every level

Our specialized facilities have strategically invested in technology and expertise to prioritize this product line. We’ve ensured a fully vertically integrated process from development through the intricate supply chain to integrating metal and plastic within the same cleanroom, including final packaging.

This is tailored specifically to provide you with the most advanced procedure kits possible.

Integrated validation and registration

Our commitment doesn’t end with manufacturing. We are on hand to support you with all quality and regulatory aspects of this specialized product line.

Our team of experts integrates early into the process to ensure that you can promptly submit your validation and registration documentation to the relevant healthcare system and preferred market.

Procedure kits: a health economic success story

Success Story in Health Economics: Value-based healthcare: Maximizing efficacy and managing risk with spinal implant technologyScienceDirect


21 Min

Average Cost/Case Savings

Average OR-Time Savings

Life cycle assessment of a disposable and a reusable surgery instrument set for spinal fusion surgeriesScienceDirect​



Responsibility of cleaning and sterilization in green house gas emissions​

Ecological indicators between in favour of single use procedure kits​

Our expertise

Dedicated product development for procedure kits

We offer a dedicated product development team for every project, ensuring that your procedure kits are engineered with the highest level of medical and technical expertise. Our goal is to create valuable assets for all stakeholders, including hospitals, patients, and surgeons.

Expertise in complex components

Our orthopedic procedure kits often include complex parts and assemblies integral to the instruments and implants. As experts in developing and manufacturing these intricate components, we guarantee that each part meets the highest quality standards.

Flexible production volumes

No matter the expected production volumes for your procedure kit, we have the capabilities to support both low-volume and high-volume production. This flexibility ensures that we can efficiently accommodate your specific production needs.

Advanced CNC machining services

Our specialized CNC machining services include high quality turning and grinding for producing drills, pins, and guide wires, as well as precision milling for components with complex geometries. These capabilities ensure the production of top-quality procedure kit components.

Customization through additive manufacturing

With our advanced additive manufacturing technologies, we can create complex geometries and enhance customization for both metal and plastic components. This technology offers a wider range of options to tailor your procedure kit components perfectly.

Injection molding of complex parts

Our injection molding expertise provides cost-effective solutions for complex part production. We also offer metal and plastic overmolding techniques to integrate diverse materials, producing innovative and functional instruments and implants.

Comprehensive sterile packaging

Sterile packaging of the complete procedure kit, including implants and all types of consumables, is crucial for patient safety. We emphasize providing a procedure-ready solution that meets the highest cleanliness and efficiency standards.

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Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for orthopedic companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.