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Orthopedic power tools

Healthcare professionals require dependable power tools to perform surgeries like any other profession. Our specialized power tools department is ready to help you deliver the highest quality power tools to hospitals worldwide. We take pride in being the technical backbone supporting various demanding surgical procedures.

From concept to solution

Our dedicated orthopedics team brings years of experience designing and manufacturing a broad array of components and comprehensive power tool solutions. Our capabilities range from crafting the outer shell to producing all types of handpieces, including torque-limiting devices.​

Integrated, specialized assembly

In addition to assembly, we also excel in disassembly, ensuring that every part, whether it remains in good condition or needs replacement after active use, is thoroughly inspected.

Our goal is to establish a systematic partnership with our customers, offering a robust preventive maintenance program to ensure that these high-performing products remain on the market for as long as possible.

Maintaining systematic partnerships

We further enhance our offerings by specializing in the manufacturing and development of single-use devices, such as complex procedure kits. This dedicated expertise allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of solutions to meet their needs in various fields and treatment methods. ​

Our offering

We have the prerequisite technical capabilities and medical knowledge to support you in developing and manufacturing the following orthopedic power tool components and solutions:

  • Handpieces – we have the full range of technologies required to develop and manufacture every type of orthopedic handpiece.
  • Outer shells – we specialize in producing high quality outer shells, designed to excel in medical settings.
  • Torque limiting components ​- our additional proficiencies in mechanical and electronic engineering enable us to produce high quality, reliable torque limiting components.
  • We produce all types of cutting instruments. We combine advanced technologies to produce any cutting instrument you need.

Whatever aspect of our orthopedic power tool offering applies to you, we combine significant expertise and technological capabilities in several key areas to provide you with the best solution possible.

Our expertise

Reliable power tools for orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgeons need high-quality, dependable power tools. We provide the expertise and technology to manufacture complex parts and assemblies, ensuring these devices are reliable, safe, and compliant with industry standards.

CNC machining technology

Our extensive CNC machining capabilities include high-quality turning, grinding, and milling for the production of specialized components with complex geometries. These advanced techniques ensure the highest quality for orthopedic power tools.

Innovative additive manufacturing solutions

Additive manufacturing allows us to create complex geometries and customize metal and plastic components. This technology facilitates rapid prototyping and the development of intricate parts and structures, enhancing the design and functionality of orthopedic power tools.

Cost-effective injection molding and overmolding

Our expertise in injection molding offers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for producing complex parts. Additionally, we utilize metal and plastic overmolding techniques to integrate diverse materials, improving the design and performance of orthopedic power tools.

Efficient sterile packaging services

Our sterile packaging services cater to all types of consumables, ensuring cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Our accelerated packaging process extends shelf life up to 7 years and expedites time to market by up to 15 months through streamlined validation.

Flexible production capabilities

We support low-volume and high-volume production, providing the flexibility to explore any power tool project. Rest assured, we can accommodate your required production volumes with optimal efficiency.

General Enquiries

Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for orthopedic companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.