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Orthopedic Implants

When it comes to instruments, implants naturally follow suit. In our pursuit of offering a comprehensive solution to our customers, we specialize in both the manufacturing and development of a wide range of implants. This allows us to establish systemic partnerships with our customers, ensuring a balanced approach to addressing all aspects of orthopedic treatments.

Our offering

We have the specialized medical device and general medical knowledge to support you in developing and manufacturing the following orthopedic implants:

  • Specialized joint implants, complemented by our proprietary knowledge in titanium surface polishing for high performing gliding surfaces to ensure maximal wear resistance and patient comfort.
  • Plates​ for a range of orthopedic surgery applications, including trauma, craniomaxillofacial surgery and the treatment of spinal pathologies.
  • Pins​ for a variety of trauma, craniomaxillofacial surgery, spine and sports applications as well as bone pins for joint reconstruction and half-pins for external fixation systems.
  • Screws​ including pedicle screws of all types to address spinal pathologies, interference screws for sports medicine, with further expertise in trauma and craniomaxillofacial surgery.
  • Interbody cages and rods for spinal surgeries.

We can provide you with access to all of the necessary technologies to manufacture orthopedic implants, with significant expertise in several key areas.

Our expertise

Managing low-volume and high-volume production

We can support both low-volume and high-volume production types, depending on your requirements, with various technologies to help you find the most effective solution based on your needs.

Advanced additive manufacturing capabilities

Additive manufacturing is a catalyst for innovation in implant design, creating new possibilities to realize complex geometries and improve customization of metal and plastic components. We can support you through our proprietary knowledge of trabecular structures, post-manufacturing processes, and the testing of raw materials.

Special surface treatments

We have proprietary knowledge in titanium surface polishing for high-performing gliding surfaces, enabling you​​​ to ensure maximal wear resistance and patient comfort in your orthopedic implants.

Sterile packaging services

Our expert sterile packaging service is available for implants and all consumables and is simultaneously cost-effective, efficient and safe. Our accelerated packaging process can enable you to extend shelf life to 7 years and expedite your time to market by up to 15 months by streamlining the validation process.

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Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for orthopedic companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.