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Joint Reconstruction

The human body consists of many different joints, each presenting its specific challenges and needs. Our clients can rest assured that we have everything covered in this area. With our in-house expertise, we can develop and manufacture the necessary solutions to restore motion to patients’ lives.

Our offering

We are ready to provide you with expert guidance in developing and manufacturing the following joint reconstruction solutions:

Specialized joint implants

By combining the engineering, medical and technological expertise required to support you in producing specialized joint implants, you can count on us to collaborate effectively with you in designing and improving these essential components.

For example, we have proprietary knowledge in titanium surface treatments for increased hardness and polishing for high-performing gliding surfaces ensuring maximal wear resistance and patient comfort.


We are able to assist you in the production of the full range of instruments to support joint reconstruction procedures, for example:

  • Cutting blocks
  • Drills
  • Drill guides
  • Guide wires
  • Bone pins
  • Acetabular reamers
  • Osteoprofilers
  • Extra-medular and Intra-medular alignment tools
  • Impactors
  • And more

Additionally, we are also experienced in producing next generation instruments to be used in combination with enabling technologies.

Single-use solutions

We have deep expertise in developing and manufacturing single-use solutions, from single-packaged devices to complex procedure kits, which include a pre-loaded implant.

This unique specialization allows us to provide you with a comprehensive range of single-use solutions to meet your needs and those of your customers.

Our expertise

Joint reconstruction expertise

Addressing the complexities of joint reconstruction requires in-depth knowledge of the human body’s various joints. Our team excels in manufacturing intricate parts and assemblies, leveraging our extensive experience in medical device production and general medical knowledge. We are committed to providing joint reconstruction solutions that meet the highest standards.

Advanced CNC machining capabilities

Our facility boasts advanced CNC machining capabilities, including precise turning and grinding for producing drills, pins, and wires. We also offer precision milling services to create components with intricate geometries, ensuring the highest quality for your joint reconstruction needs.

Injection molding and overmolding solutions

With our injection molding expertise, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions for complex parts. We not only specialize in plastic injection in general, but also in metal and plastic overmolding techniques, allowing us to combine materials with varying properties to enhance the functionality and durability of your products.

Innovative additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing drives innovation in implant and instrument design, enabling the creation of complex geometries and customized components in both metal and plastic. This technology enhances our manufacturing efficiency, resulting in cost-effective and streamlined design processes that benefit your bottom line.

Expert sterile packaging services

Our sterile packaging services cater to implants and a wide range of single-use solutions, from instruments to complex procedure kits. ​

We offer a cost-effective, efficient, and safe packaging process with two distinct options to choose from: faster or tailor-made.

Flexible production volumes

We support a diverse array of orthopedic clients with both low-volume and high-volume production capabilities. This flexibility allows us to accommodate your specific project requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and production volumes tailored to your needs.

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