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Robot assisted surgery

Robotic surgery is increasingly prevalent, with new methods and solutions being introduced in almost all medical disciplines. We assist our customers in embracing these technological advancements by providing a comprehensive offering that enables them to efficiently validate their concepts and manufacture these solutions under a single roof.

Our offering

Next generation instrumentation

The emergence of new technologies presents fresh approaches to surgical challenges, necessitating the development of next-generation instrumentation to support these innovative procedures. We stand ready to assist, offering tailored development and design services, as well as manufacturing expertise, to bring these new instrument to life.

Complex part manufacturing

The components required to support enabling technologies demand a specialized focus on manufacturing complex parts and an approach to development and manufacturing that promotes close collaboration between subject matter experts.

We ensure our customers’ precision parts for enabling technologies are designed and manufactured to meet their exact requirements by sharing our significant expertise in complex part manufacturing.

Sterile solutions

Sterile, single-use solutions are closely tied to technological innovation, serving as catalysts for improved patient safety and optimized hospital cost structures. Combined with robotics, computer-assisted navigation, or augmented reality solutions, they have become multiplying factors in healthcare delivery.​

Our core expertise lies in developing and manufacturing single-use solutions, ranging from individually packaged devices to complex procedure kits that combine instrumentation and implants.

Our expertise

Precision manufacturing for robot-assisted surgery

Our expertise in manufacturing intricate parts and assemblies and our in-depth knowledge of medical devices and general medicine ensure exceptional support for developing and producing components for robot-assisted surgery systems.

Advanced CNC machining for complex geometries

We utilize advanced CNC machining technologies, including high-quality turning, grinding, and precision milling. These capabilities allow us to produce components with intricate and complex geometries, ensuring superior quality for robotic surgical systems.

Efficient injection molding and overmolding solutions

Our injection molding capabilities provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions for producing complex parts. We also employ metal and plastic overmolding techniques to combine materials with diverse properties, enhancing the durability and functionality of robotic surgery components.

Cutting-edge additive manufacturing

By leveraging additive manufacturing, we create components with complex geometries and offer extensive customization options for both metal and plastic parts. This innovative technology streamlines our processes, improving cost-efficiency and reducing time to market.

Reliable sterile packaging services

We offer comprehensive sterile packaging solutions for all types of robotic surgery products. Our efficient and safe packaging extends shelf life up to 7 years and expedites time to market by up to 15 months by accelerating the validation process.

Versatile production capabilities

We support low-volume and high-volume production and provide the flexibility to handle any project size. Our efficient production processes ensure we meet your specific volume requirements with optimal quality and efficiency.

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