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Cardiovascular Therapies

Cardiovascular procedures create unique challenges requiring innovative solutions to ensure the best outcomes for patients. We specialize in empowering our clients to achieve breakthroughs in patient care by focusing on precision engineering and deploying cutting-edge technologies. From concept to market, we are committed to driving excellence and advancing the forefront of cardiovascular surgery.

Our offering

At the heart of precision

We provide our customers with expertise in designing and manufacturing precision components to be used in various cardiovascular therapies, from angiography to ablation procedures, pacemaker surgeries, and interventional Cardiology.

Handling complex assemblies

In addition to highly specialized components, our dedicated team excels in managing the most demanding and intricate assemblies. We specialize in delivering ready-to-use devices, whether reusable or disposable and always ensure that they are packaged according to specification and ready for final delivery.

Next generation instruments

The emergence of new technologies presents fresh approaches to surgical challenges, necessitating the development of next-generation instrumentation to support these innovative procedures. We stand ready to assist, offering tailored development and design services, as well as manufacturing expertise, to bring these new instrument to life.

Sterile solutions

Single-use solutions

Sterile, single-use solutions are closely tied to technological innovation, serving as catalysts for improved patient safety and optimized hospital cost structures. Combined with robotics, computer-assisted navigation, or augmented reality solutions, they have become multiplying factors in healthcare delivery.​

Our core expertise lies in developing and manufacturing single-use solutions, ranging from individually packaged devices to complex procedure kits that combine instrumentation and implants.

Procedure Kits

The Procedure Kits we design and manufacture for our customers are meticulously assembled to include all the necessary instruments for the procedure in question and, in some cases, even pre-loaded implants. This novel approach saves time for medical professionals and reduces risks for patients.​

Operation sets

Many cardiovascular therapies are now performed in a minimally invasive setting, often in specialized catheterization labs outside of the standard operating room. For customers seeking a complete solution, we can create and package custom sets, such as comprehensive angiography sets, including all the necessary devices to prepare the patient for their procedure efficiently.​

Sterile packaging

We specialize in crafting sterile packaging solutions for every type of product. We offer either tailor-made or pre-validated packaging, giving you the choice between maximum customization or reduced time to market. Our pre-validated packaging saves time by streamlining the validation process, cutting it down by up to 15 months, while also extending shelf life to 7 years.

Our expertise

Specialized manufacturing of complex parts and assemblies

With our extensive expertise in producing complex parts and assemblies, deep medical devices and general medical knowledge, we are an ideal partner for developing and manufacturing devices for cardiovascular therapies.

Precision CNC machining for intricate components

Our advanced CNC machining capabilities include high-quality turning, grinding, and precision milling. These technologies enable us to produce intricate components with complex geometries, ensuring the highest quality for cardiovascular therapy devices.

Innovative injection molding and overmolding

We excel in injection molding, providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions for producing complex parts. Our proficiency in metal and plastic overmolding allows us to integrate diverse materials, enhancing the performance and durability of your devices and instruments.

Cutting-edge additive manufacturing techniques

Additive manufacturing allows us to create highly customized components with intricate geometries in both metal and plastic.

This technology optimizes our production processes, offering improved cost-efficiency and faster time to market for your cardiovascular therapy devices.

Comprehensive sterile packaging solutions

Our sterile packaging services can be tailored to suit your cardiovascular products, ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Alternatively, our accelerated packaging process can extend shelf life up to 7 years and expedite market readiness by up to 15 months through streamlined validation.

Flexible production capabilities

We support low-volume and high-volume production, providing the flexibility needed for any project size. Our efficient production processes ensure we meet your specific volume requirements with the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Partnering for success in cardiovascular therapies

We bring a holistic approach to developing and manufacturing cardiovascular devices, leveraging our technical skills and medical knowledge to support your projects from concept to market. Trust us to deliver exceptional quality and innovation for your cardiovascular therapy solutions.

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