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Private label

Private label (OEM) from Elos Medtech can help you increase your competitiveness – seamlessly expanding your offerings without the complexity and time required to design and develop the products yourself. Our extensive background serving global dental companies has made us experts in product design and regulatory requirements, leading to our own line of innovative products.​

Elos Accurate®

With Elos Accurate®, we provide a high quality digital dentistry solution to help you fill gaps in your product offerings. The FDA and MDR compliant Elos Accurate components integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows, enabling a predictable and streamlined solution for dental professionals from scan to design to manufacturing.​

Through the Elos Accurate® portfolio, we offer immediate enhancements and collaborative design opportunities to support you at every step.​

We offer three models for commercialization of Elos Accurate:​

  • Sell with Elos Accurate® Brand Name, or​
  • Use Your Own Brand Name, or​
  • Promote with Your Own Brand Name with A Customized Design​

For more information and to explore how Elos Accurate® can enhance your practice, visit our dedicated Dental Professional page or reach out to our knowledgeable Sales team. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Digital libraries

Maintaining digital libraries with the latest updates from major open software providers can be complex. As technology and software evolve, it’s crucial to continuously update your libraries to ensure your customers can leverage all the available benefits, regardless of the software they use.​

We offer services to help you build digital libraries for 3shape, exocad and Dental Wings. Our solutions leverage the latest features and capabilities within these software platforms – whether you’re building the library in-house, based on files supplied by Elos Medtech, or if you would like us to handle the entire process, from file creation to ongoing library maintenance. ​

​With over a decade of experience in optimizing user-friendly libraries, we can provide streamlined solutions to meet your customers’ needs. Thanks to our close collaboration with business partners and end-users, we have gained extensive insights into the importance of usability, correct alignment, and proper mesh structure for an optimal user experience.


Ensuring patient safety is paramount in dental implant surgery, where reliable torque wrenches are indispensable tools. We offer a range of torque wrenches designed for both surgical and restorative applications, catering to the needs of leading implant companies.​

Our own design Elos torque wrenches feature a simplified two-piece design that streamlines maintenance and sterilization, providing convenience for dental professionals. These tools are engineered for accuracy, compatibility with common implant systems, and easy cleaning – adding significant value to the operating room.​

Complementing our torque wrenches, Ganter Dental Ratchets are tailored to meet dental practitioners’ precision, functionality, and aesthetic preferences. Crafted for durability and effortless handling, these ratchets enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of dental procedures.​​

Ganter Mandrels encompasses the most comprehensive range of mandrels for dental technology, offering unparalleled versatility and reliability. Delivering consistent performance and exceptional results, our mandrels can also be customized to unique specifications, allowing seamless integration into dental workflows.

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Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for dental companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.