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We specialize in manufacturing components for the Dental Implant Industry, covering Class I and II medical devices and instruments. Our manufacturing solutions contain different modules, depending on your needs. Finalization occurs in the full supply-chain management, including labeling packaging for end customers and shipment to global inventory.

Production engineering

Our production engineering solutions begin with a thorough review of customer drawings and designs to optimize them for dental applications.

We focus on design for manufacturing, ensuring the products can be efficiently produced. Our team prepares detailed machining documentation and process planning to establish a robust foundation for the regulated dental component and device manufacturing.

Design for manufacturing

During the production engineering phase we evaluate the most suitable dental materials such as titanium, steel and polymers for the project.

Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining for precise dental components. Additionally, we offer painting and laser marking solutions for branding and identification, as well as various surface treatments, such as electropolishing, anodizing, TiN coating and DLC coating.


For dental instruments or devices consisting of multiple components, we perform the necessary assembly, such as laser welding and automated assembly of complex dental devices, to create the final product.

Testing & inspection

Thorough quality checks and testing, including functional testing, ensure that the products we produce for you meet all applicable regulatory requirements and specifications.


If required for the components, medical devices and instruments, we can provide sterilization services using appropriate techniques, such as e-beam or gamma radiation to meet medical device standards.​


We offer specialized dental component packaging & labeling solutions, including blister packaging, plastic bag and custom configurations to protect the integrity of the products.

Supply chain management

We manage the distribution of the final medical devices to the customer’s designated facilities, monitor inventory level, and facilitate re-ordering as needed to ensure a reliable supply chain.

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Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for dental companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.