Customer survey to get actionable insights

Each year, we conduct a customer survey to ensure that we remain a valued strategic partner to our medical device customers and OEMs. The goal is to get actionable insights on how to improve our business and operations. After receiving feedback from our customers, we carefully analyze the results. Based on internal team discussions, as always – in close co-operation with our customers – our teams initiate improvements. Product quality and performance, delivery precision, and patient safety are of the utmost importance to us.

So, what do our customers think of us?

Our focus is on delivering medical devices and services of the right quality and at the right time. We aim to offer innovative, sustainable, and efficient solutions. Close and long-term relationships are central to us, and we collaborate ​fully with our customers to meet their challenges in an effective manner.

Development and technical expertise combined with high product quality and customer support are crucial to our customers’ overall view of our partnership. So, what do they really think of us? Here are some key conclusions from our latest customer survey.

1. A valued CDMO partner of medical devices

The results of the 2021 survey show that our customers have a very positive image of our delivery and their collaboration with us. We are described as a valued partner that works actively to improve the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction.  

The majority of our customers cannot find any weaknesses with Elos Medtech when comparing us with other contract development and manufacturing partners. Some of the feedback we got in our survey was: “I am very satisfied with our business relationship. I cannot think of anything else I need at the moment.” and “I have never received any negative feedback about Elos Medtech or their services.”

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2. Quickly finding solutions to optimize supply chains

Our customers want solutions that materialize into cost savings and increased efficiency for their business. Another much-appreciated quality is therefore our responsiveness and ability to react quickly to changes and find solutions allowing customers to optimize their supply chains.

One of our customers says: “Customer service is excellent, and ordered products are received continuously.” Another one says: “Elos Medtech gives us valuable ideas on how to increase our profitability.” A third customer says: “I appreciate the close communication we have with Elos Medtech. They respond quickly to any addressed task or question.”

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3. Expertise in product development and design for manufacturing

The continued success of a medical device company often depends on new product development and accelerated speed to market. The ability to support both of these goals, while maintaining an exceptional focus on patient safety, is an advantage that we are uniquely prepared to deliver.

A further key aspect of our successful partnerships is our expertise in design for manufacturing and high quality in the processes. Our skills in design – driven by our collaborative approach – shortens product development times and time-to-market.

We always work in close cooperation with our customers, especially during the design and development phase. This collaboration forms the basis for guaranteed product performance and the ability to adapt design and production to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness.

Our customers state design for manufacturing to be one of the key strengths of Elos Medtech. Some of the comments from our survey were: “When it comes to design for manufacturing and product development, we never have any issues with Elos Medtech.” and “Elos Medtech is always helpful in the design stages.”

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4. High technical expertise and support

Our customers especially acknowledge the technical expertise that Elos Medtech demonstrates. Our investments, teams, and training are intensively focused. As a result, our technical expertise is exceptional and always growing. It fuels creative solutions, guides strategic investments, and gives us the ability not just to handle the trickiest situations, but to be an innovation partner who brings new technical approaches to the table.

One of our customers says: “I ask many technical questions, and I always appreciate the amount of support and detail I am given to understand these processes better.”

Thanks to the proximity of our prototype manufacturing and serial production lines, our development engineers have extensive experience with many production techniques. This means that Design For Manufacturing (DFM) is a great strength and that our process can reduce time to market without compromising other factors.

We also got nice feedback from other customers, saying: “Elos Medtech is a good business partner with good technical knowledge and quick replies to our questions,” and “Elos Medtech teaches product knowledge that helps us with the sales process.”

5. High product quality and quality assurance in supplying medical devices

High quality is – and has always been – our main priority. Everything we do is built on a foundation of quality; our systems are mature, and we make up-front investments in quality assurance and validation to ensure each product meets the same high standards.

Exceptionally clean facilities, steady investments in equipment and training, and mature quality assurance processes ensure that quality is built-in at every step so that there are no surprises down the line.

We are very pleased that our customers especially acknowledge the product quality that Elos Medtech demonstrates. One of our customers says: “I appreciate Elos Medtech for their project management and knowledge within validation and sterile packing processes.”

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Although we are happy with the results, there is always room for improvement. Want to learn more about what we do to remain a trusted CDMO? Head over to our Medtech Blog. We share lots of articles and insights into the medical device business.