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Diagnostic tool designs often feature intricate requirements. By combining precision engineering with technological advancements in manufacturing processes, we are ready to be your partner in innovation to revolutionize diagnostic capabilities.

Our offering

Precision technologies for diagnostic advancement

In Vitro Diagnostics and Point-of-Care Diagnostics play pivotal roles in the diagnostic journey. We specialize in designing essential components and assemblies such as disposables, consumables, and single-patient devices.

We also provide expertise in imaging solutions and capital equipment, including housings as well as complex low-volume plastic and metallic components. We offer comprehensive services to support you with every aspect of diagnostic device development and manufacturing.

Sterile solutions for diagnostics

Single-use devices and disposables

We specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality disposable diagnostic components and assemblies.

Procedure kits

Our expertise in creating Procedure Kits, from single packaged instruments to complex kits containing everything required for a medical procedure, has been developed by working closely with a variety of medical professionals.

Operation sets

For diagnostic procedures performed in specialized settings, we can create and package custom sets, such as comprehensive anesthesiology sets, including all the necessary devices to prepare the patient for their procedure efficiently.​

Serial packaging

We offer tailored or pre-validated packaging solutions for all types of disposable diagnostic devices.

Our expertise

Complex parts and assemblies for diagnostic devices

We specialize in producing complex parts and assemblies. We have deep expertise in medical devices and general medicine, enabling us to serve as your trusted partner for developing and manufacturing diagnostic devices and components.

High-precision CNC machining

Our state-of-the-art CNC machining capabilities include high quality turning, grinding, and precision milling. These advanced technologies allow us to create intricate components with complex geometries, ensuring superior quality for your diagnostic devices.

Advanced injection molding and overmolding

We specialize in injection molding, delivering cost-effective, high-quality solutions for complex part production. Our proficiency in metal and plastic overmolding allows us to integrate diverse materials, enhancing the performance and durability of diagnostic instruments.

Cutting-edge additive manufacturing

Using additive manufacturing, we produce highly customized components with intricate geometries in both metal and plastic. This innovative technology optimizes our production processes, offering improved cost-efficiency and reducing time to market for diagnostic devices.

Customized sterile packaging

Our sterile packaging services are tailored to meet the unique needs of diagnostic products, ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our accelerated packaging process extends shelf life up to 7 years and expedites time to market by up to 15 months through streamlined validation.

Flexible production capabilities

We accommodate both low-volume and high-volume production, providing the flexibility required for any project size. Our efficient production processes ensure we meet your specific volume needs with the highest level of quality and reliability.

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Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for life science companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.