He is creative, pays attention to detail, and is a real team player who constantly challenges himself to maintain and improve upon the most precise and uniform outcomes possible. Meet Dawei Gao, Operator & Precision Mechanic at Elos Medtech in Denmark.

Employees and expertise go hand-in-hand

Our dental products have the power to improve patients’ lives. That is why we are committed to continuous innovation and precision in both our contract manufacturing and patented products.

As experts in the field of dental solutions, we invest in educating our team and sharing technical knowledge to stay ahead of new developments. Our commitment to excellence allows us to offer the best dental solutions to our customers.

Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our exceptional team members, Dawei Gao, whom we are very proud to have on our team.

From apprentice to full-blown precision mechanic

Dawei Gao started as an apprentice with us, and today he works as an operator and precision mechanic in our dental unit in Denmark. Originally from China, Dawei immigrated to Denmark at the age of 16.

Dawei recently completed a comprehensive four-year mechanic’s apprenticeship education, split between school and facility training. This eventually allowed him to master the skills needed to be an operator at Elos Medtech.

His apprenticeship started with an introduction to the material properties and in-depth use of the tools, including milling machines, that go into creating our exclusive dental products and components.

Dawei trained in different production teams, including two years in manual machinery and two years in automated machinery. Both theoretical and practical, hands-on training taught him how to manufacture and repair complicated mechanical parts using advanced and computer-aided tools.

– I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from experts who were more than willing to share their knowledge and experience and taught me all the skills needed in operation and production, says Dawei

Dawei completed his education with top grades and was nominated for three scholarships, one of which was awarded by the Queen of Denmark.

Today, some of Dawei’s daily tasks include validating that drawings and measurements match the dental component’s programming and output and that all machinery is optimized.

A unique talent with a passion for quality

Make no mistake: not just anyone can perform this role since it requires patience, creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to be a team player. Beyond that, our precision mechanics must continually challenge themselves to maintain and improve upon the most precise and uniform outcomes possible.

–I feel a sense of achievement whenever I succeed in creating a small component through problem-solving, says Dawei.

Carsten Schou is the Department Manager for Elos Medtech’s Dental Unit in Denmark and is responsible for the Apprenticeship program.

– We are delighted to have Dawei on our production team, where he works every day alongside other associates to ensure the excellence of our products, says Carsten.

In the future, if Dawei wants to further his education, he might even decide to become an engineer.

– This experience motivates me to keep giving my best, and I am confident to move on to the next stage of my career, says Dawei.

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