With a great interest in technology, communication, and international relations – and innovation being an important part of his life – working as a Regulatory Affairs Professional at Elos Medtech in Denmark fits Azfar Rehman like a glove.

A key role in providing safe medical devices

Azfar is a Regulatory Affairs Professional at Elos Medtech in Denmark. He plays a key role in making safe and effective medical devices available to patients worldwide. As a professional in regulatory affairs, Azfar ensures compliance with international medical device regulations for safety and efficacy and serves as a critical function throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Meet Azfar Rehman, Regulatory Affairs Professional at Elos Medtech in Denmark

Technology and international relations

To Azfar, the decision to start working with regulatory affairs in the medtech industry comes from an interest in technology as well as international relations, along with the will to make a difference in the medtech industry.

– The reason I pursued a career in the medtech industry is that I have a general interest in science and technology. I also have a great interest in international relations and communication. Working with regulatory affairs is a perfect combination of these things for me. I can make a difference in the medtech industry by using my international personality along with my linguistic skills and interest in science and technology to make medical devices available worldwide.

Having an impact on innovation in medtech

It is sometimes argued that the requirements of regulations bring about barriers to innovations. However, to Azfar, innovation and regulatory affairs go hand in hand. In fact, he believes that true innovation and evolution are impossible without the requirements of innovation.

– Innovation is an important part of my life because I believe it is an integral part of evolution – and we cannot evolve without being innovative. My impact on innovation in medtech is that I promote our products and ensure that we live up to the safety and performance requirements in each country.

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