Did you know some dental instruments must work with high precision at speeds of up to 90.000 rpm? You can only imagine how small the motors and drive units integrated into a handpiece must be. This is also why today’s OEMs don’t settle for less than superior quality. It requires a CDMO willing to develop, improve, and invest in their production continuously.

Elos Medtech invests in equipment to increase productivity

As a global CDMO in the medtech industry, our top priority is to serve our customers high-quality medical device products. To achieve that goal, it is important for us to constantly and systematically develop, improve, and invest in our own production processes.

One of our latest investments is a new pre-setter from Zoller for turning tools that minimizes setup time and increases productivity.

What is a pre-setter for turning tools?

When producing medical devices such as dental components and instruments, we use CNC machining. CNC machines dictate the precise movement of a wide range of tools to perform a variety of cuts and incisions in a workpiece. These tools require exact tool geometry data to manufacture components and instruments precisely.

Our new pre-setter from Zoller determines this tool data – outside the machine. This saves us a lot of setup time because when we insert the tool, we immediately read in the tool geometry data from the tool pre-setter. The data transfer is electronic and, therefore, it is impossible for us to make any typing or transmission errors.

Higher productivity due to precisely adjusted turning tools

After receiving our new pre-setter, we spent the first couple of months building libraries and updating the post processor that translates the data to specific commands for our CNC machine. Our new pre-setter was then fully implemented, and we are now using it on our Traub 18 machines for manufacturing metal-turned dental components and instruments as well as on two new Traub 12 machines. We expect to use our new pre-setter on all of our Traub 12 machines by spring this year.

With our new pre-setter, we have reduced our fitting and setup time to a minimum and increased productivity. Another advantage is even higher quality due to fewer rejects and tool-related machine crashes.

How does our new pre-setter benefit our customers?

We can build a more efficient production system by identifying and eliminating the parts of our production processes that are not adding value to our customers. With a more efficient production system, we can meet our customers’ high demands when it comes to:

  • Quality
  • Capacity
  • Efficiency
  • Production time
  • Lead time
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Innovation

Striving toward Quality Excellence in medical device manufacturing 

Elos Medtech is known for its superior quality and never compromising on it. We always take the chance to make improvements when the opportunity is presented.

With our new pre-setter, our CNC tools are adjusted precisely. This is only one of the cogs in our own highly advanced machine called Quality Excellence.

Do you need a trusted CDMO for medical devices?

When your needs align with our expertise, you will find no higher performance level to take your products to market quickly, cost-efficiently, and successfully. Contact us today.