More companies are realizing the value of a reliable development and manufacturing partner. With an increasing number of customers and greater production demand, we are now preparing for yet another major expansion of our production site in Sweden.

Automated injection molding of plastic components

At our production site in Skara, Sweden, we specialize in automated injection molding of plastic components as well as insert molding. We manufacture technically advanced components with fine tolerances for medical devices. The components are made from high-performance materials such as PEEK, POM, and PVDF and are used in medical devices such as pacemakers, diagnostics and analysis instruments, disposable articles for blood analyses, IVF products, dental products, hearing aids and surgical instruments for orthopedics.

Increased customer demand in the medtech industry

Over the past few years, Elos Medtech has experienced an increased customer demand in terms of both new and present customers who want to outsource larger parts of their production line or whole production. This is why we are now expanding our production site in Skara, Sweden – for the third time!

“Our customers are world leaders in their markets and growing at a fast pace due to the growing world population and increasing product demand. Over the years, Elos Medtech has provided the market with technically advanced products with focus on delivery precision and quality. Our good reputation has led to more customers trusting us as their development and manufacturing partner and this has led to new exciting production projects,” says Mathias Andersson, Managing Director at Elos Medtech in Skara, Sweden.

Large investments over the years

In 2012, we built a new warehouse. In 2016, we added another 1500 square meters to our production site resulting in double production capacity. We have also invested in machines, equipment, and automation as well as manufacturing techniques and staff over the years. Today, we have 28 injection molding machines and 35 employees in our highly automated factory. In addition to automated injection molding and insert molding, we also perform welding, machining, printing and processing.

Expanding our production site to meet an increasing demand for the manufacture of medical devices

Quality assurance is our top priority

We have a dedicated quality team working with regulatory affairs, quality assurance and quality control. Quality is our top priority and we are certified according to ISO 13485 as well as registered with the FDA. Over the years, we have invested in our cleanrooms for manufacturing, labeling and sterile packaging.

Increasing production capacity and growing long-term

However, our current 3300 square meters of premises are no longer sufficient to meet our customers’ increasing demand. We have simply grown out of our site and need more production space. With building permits already in place, the plan is to add another 2400 square meters.

The purpose is to increase our production capacity and grow long-term together with our customers. We focus 100 percent on customers in the medtech industry and have a unique offering providing total solutions for customers in selected segments. With the new expansion, our customers will be able to outsource more of their production to us. We will be able to better accommodate our customers and broaden our offer in terms of production capabilities with a continuous focus on quality.

“Most of our products are exported to the global market. When the expansion of our factory is completed in early 2021, our production capacity will be more than double. We are very excited about the new expansion and look forward to the possibilities it may bring to our customers and us,” says Mathias Andersson.

If you have any questions about the new expansion or Elos Medtech’s offer, don’t hesitate to contact me directly or visit our website.