The commitment and determination of our employees are crucial to giving us a competitive advantage. We aim to offer an attractive and safe workplace. Our corporate culture is based on three core values: Passionate, trustworthy, and results-oriented. These values guide us in our daily work and create unity at our global sites. Here are some examples of how we care for our people.

A healthy and safe workplace for our employees

Our employees need to feel safe and respected in all situations at their workplace. Our goal is to be accident-free. Nevertheless, injuries do occur, and the most common causes are related to heavy lifting, repetitive work, handling of machines, and slip and fall accidents. This is why it is so important for us to give our employees access to occupational health care or health and wellness insurance when working at Elos Medtech.

Reducing the spread of infection in the medtech industry

In response to the pandemic, we have reviewed all our procedures for reducing the spread of infection and creating a safe workplace for our employees while at the same time delivering vital medical technology products to our customers.

In addition to monitoring developments and following the applicable rules in Sweden, Denmark, China, and the United States, we have also introduced stricter hygiene and safety procedures. These include face mask requirements, limiting the number of physical meetings and the number of participants at these as well as social distancing and zoning measures at the workplace and in lunchrooms.

Manufacturing of medical devices is high-priority

We have also taken a number of measures to ensure that all our services and solutions remain available to our customers in the medtech industry, even in situations where the authorities have restricted activities. In both China and the US, the authorities have categorized our workplaces as high-priority and granted permission to continue operating. 

All employees should have opportunities to grow

All our employees need to have good opportunities to grow and develop, regardless of gender and cultural background. Personal development plans are reviewed annually, and results are linked to individual goals to ensure career development. On average, each employee undergoes approximately 10 hours of task-specific training per year and takes part in internal and external courses.

Handling the pandemic successfully as a CDMO

The coronavirus became an official concern in China just before the Chinese New Year in January 2020. We had already planned to close our site in Tianjin for the festivities, but the government restrictions meant that the site remained closed for a few extra weeks.

Thanks to a team effort from our employees in Tianjin, we received permission from the local government in mid-February to restart production, initially at 50 percent capacity and then gradually at a higher capacity. Today, we are happy to announce that all our employees have a safe workplace and are back at work. In addition to the preventive measures imposed by the Chinese authorities, we have introduced additional precautionary measures, such as:

  • Checking the temperature of each employee twice a day.
  • Restrictions on visitors entering the factory.
  • All factory workers are required to wear face masks.

Due to good planning and foresight, and an incredible team effort, our deliveries have not been affected by the disruptions. Calm and vigilance combined with an unwavering focus on the safety of our employees and their families have been crucial during this time.

Cherishing human values – denouncing racism

In 2020, we reflected on our core values and what we stand for as a workplace for our employees. This is due to the events that took place in one of our markets during the spring – the Black Lives Matter riots.

In 2020, racism was at the heart of the public debate in the United States. In late June, after two weeks marked by demonstrations by the Black Lives movement, Jodie Gilmore, at the time the Managing Director of our Memphis site, wrote a personal letter to the entire Elos Medtech family.

“It is more important than ever to reflect on our human values. It makes me proud to work for a company whose core values intrinsically align so well with my personal values.”

  • We are passionate. We celebrate our global diversity and our differences. We denounce racism of any kind and will fight for our belief that equity and justice should be universal.
  • We are trustworthy. We will stand up for what is right and protect others. We will not stand idly by.
  • We are result-oriented. We will look inward and reflect. We will listen and be open to uncomfortable but important conversations. We will actively seek to be part of the solution and never part of the problem.

These were only a few examples of how we care for our people and ensure an attractive and safe workplace. Are you looking for a responsible CDMO with the capabilities of delivering high-quality medical devices in a sustainable way? Contact us today.

Read our full Sustainability Report 2020 here.