The Inauguration of Microplast’s New Factory

The other week, we opened up the doors to invited guest to inaugurate Microplast’s new facilities in Skara, Sweden. The high-tech production plant has been expanded with 1,500 square metres including injection-moulding machines high-tech robots and clean room manufacturing equipment. There was a welcome buffet, a guided tour inside of the factory, a ribbon-cutting ceremony and, of course, cake to celebrate!

We were happy to see so many guests having a good time at the inauguration of Microplast’s new production plant.

Microplast staff gave the visitors a guided tour inside of the factory where they got a glimpse of the injection-moulding machines for plastic components, high-tech robots and clean room manufacturing equipment.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held by Chairman of the Board, Stig-Arne Blom.

Guests at the inauguration of Microplast’s production plant enjoyed a sparkling welcome drink.

We celebrated Microplast’s new production plant with cake!

Big thanks to the nearly 100 guests who came to celebrate the expansion of Microplast’s production plant! We hope you enjoyed your visit. Would you like to know more about Microplast and our operation? Also, read:

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