Solutions and Standard prosthetic components

The process of restoring a dental implant by connecting the dental implant to the crown of the replaced tooth can be designed and manufactured in two ways; either via standard prefabricated prosthetic components where the dental laboratory use the casting technique or via a digital workflow and CAD/CAM production of the restorative solution. Allowing you to serve the different needs and requirements of and find a suitable product for dental restorations, we offer both standard prosthetic components and solutions for digital dentistry.

The Elos Medtech products within implant-borne standard prosthetics are offered to dental laboratories and dentists.

Based on user-friendliness and long-lasting successful results

The Elos Medtech implant-borne standard prosthetic solutions are designed for long-lasting and esthetic patient results, while providing user-friendly products for the dentists and dental technicians. Every Elos Medtech implant-borne standard prosthetic product leverages innovative and proven products.

Important information regarding Elos Cresco®

In recent years, the demand for Cresco products has decreased. We have now reached the point where we have decided to stop producing Cresco components. We will continue to sell what we have in stock until May 15 2018. This means that products out of stock will not be available.

The Cresco®-system is a straightforward, easy-to-use prosthetic solution that ensures a passive fit to the dental implant. Cresco® has been refined and developed over the years to make every restorative case easier.

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