Solutions and Standard prosthetic components

The process of restoring a dental implant by connecting the dental implant to the crown of the replaced tooth can be designed and manufactured in two ways; either via standard prefabricated prosthetic components where the dental laboratory use the casting technique or via a digital workflow and CAD/CAM production of the restorative solution. Allowing you to serve the different needs and requirements of and find a suitable product for dental restorations, we offer both standard prosthetic components and solutions for digital dentistry.

The Elos Medtech products within implant-borne standard prosthetics are offered to dental laboratories and dentists.

Based on user-friendliness and long-lasting successful results

The Elos Medtech implant-borne standard prosthetic solutions are designed for long-lasting and esthetic patient results, while providing user-friendly products for the dentists and dental technicians. Every Elos Medtech implant-borne standard prosthetic product leverages innovative and proven products.

The Cresco® System – for your success and your patients’ satisfaction

The Cresco®-system is a straightforward, easy-to-use prosthetic solution that ensures a passive fit to the dental implant. Cresco® has been refined and developed over the years to make every restorative case easier. Cresco® streamlines the process saving time, money and effort – while helping to ensure a long lasting functional and esthetic result. With the unique and flexible method, we can offer implant-bridges with passive fit every time.

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