Elos Accurate® – simplifying digital dentistry

Now launching Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base Solutions and Elos Accurate® API® Bridge!

Founded on the passion for innovation, Elos Accurate® is our comprehensive digital dentistry solution family based on reducing complexity and simplifying the digital workflow. The design of the Hybrid Base is evolved upon high strength and flexibility, striving for successful esthetic results considering an optimized emergence profile.

Nobel hybridbas2Elos Accurate Hybrid Base is a biocompatible prosthetic solution for screw- or cement-retained crowns and bridges.

The open libraries from Elos Accurate® Digital Solutions makes it possible to mill your constructions in-house or at a central milling center – whichever suits you best.

download-broschureElos Accurate® API® Bridge is our newest “all parts included” concept now updated for the digital dentistry. The Original API® kit has been produced by Elos Medtech since 1987.
Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Solutions

Elos Accurate® API® Bridge includes:

  • Model Analog for printed, milled or conventional master model
  • Hybrid Base Bridge with the GuideGrip™ Technology and angulation possibilities
  • Process screw to be used by the lab
  • Prosthetic screw in a separate blister for the final restoration

More information and ordering about mentioned products can be found at our web-shop.

Simple and flexible digital workflow

The increased demand of esthetics and customized dental restorative treatment options drives the global restorative trend towards simpler and more flexible digital dentistry workflow. The innovation speed of digital dentistry and CAD/CAM is becoming of significant importance for dental suppliers, dentists and the dental laboratories to stay ahead competition. Today the dental laboratories need access to digital dentistry which allows them to serve the different needs and requirements of their dentist customers.

Innovative and proven digital solutions

Elos Medtech digital dentistry solution offers products and services from CAD to CAM, from temporary restorations up to highly esthetic prosthetics. Every Elos Medtech digital product leverages innovative and proven solutions, from high precision scan bodies to customized CAD/CAM crowns & bridges, which we have been perfecting and enhancing based on our long experience from the dental implant business.

The Elos Medtech digital dentistry products are offered to the end-user either as a private label product via a dental company or Elos Medtech labeled. The private label product of Elos Medtech digital dentistry products lets our customer deliver solutions the end-user can count on, while reducing time-to-market for the dental company.