Our solutions meet the highest expectations in quality and safety

Our orthopedic segment mainly focuses on the development and manufacturing of screws and implants for the upper and lower back and scoliosis treatment, as well as plates, implants and instruments for fracture surgery and small joint prostheses. As the products are used for treatment of injuries and diseases of the body’s musculoskeletal system, it’s crucial that they meet and exceed the highest expectations in quality and safety.

Our offer of total commitment – Elos Medtech Complete Performance™

Our business segment within orthopedics targets major international orthopaedic companies, as well as local European specialist companies that need help and support to develop and manufacture trauma and spine products. We have a complete offering, Complete Performance™, from developing completely new product lines and composite products to manufacturing and delivering screws and small components.

Experts in manufacturing methods and surface treatment

We continually improve our manufacturing methods and broaden our expertise in new techniques, such as surface treatment. Our expertise within the orthopedic area have increased markedly in recent years. Today, we handle increasingly tougher geometries and advanced surface treatments when producing products such as monoaxial screws, polyaxial screws, hooks, connectors, cages and plates.

Extensive experience and know-how of the orthopedic segment

In close cooperation with customers and university hospitals, we develop and manufacture several cutting edge products. We’re a well-reputed manufacturer of medical screws and export cortical screws and cancellous screws, both solid and cannulated, around the world.

Our extensive experience of developing and manufacturing in this segment means that we have the knowledge needed to provide high quality products. We work in a proactive way in order to always stay one step ahead, finding solutions to your needs.