Products for hearing device & vibration that meet exacting demands for precision

Our business within hearing device and vibration mainly focuses on the development and manufacture of implants, components and products for advanced technical solutions for the measurement and analysis the quality of sound and vibration. The hearing implants and components are mainly surgically implanted hearing devices such as bone-anchored hearing implants as well as components for traditional hearing aids. As the products often are small and complex, they need to meet exacting demands for precision and thoroughness.

Development and manufacture of hearing device and vibration

The development and manufacture process of products for hearing device and vibration include everything from developing completely new product lines and composite products to manufacturing small components. Our goal is to design products that are easily and economically manufactured by integrating product design and process planning into one common activity which meet the regulatory requirements.

Flexibility throughout our production process

We are customer driven and always working closely with our customers and especially the engineering specialists to ensure the right choice of manufacturing processes and production technologies for increased efficacy and efficiency. As different projects have different design and manufacture requirements, we allow ourselves to be flexible throughout the process. This includes listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and exploring their options before launching into detailed design as well making room for changes during the processes.

Leading the market as supplier to the hearing device and vibration sector

We are one of the leading players of the European market for hearing device and vibration. Our experience within the hearing device and vibration business has given us extensive knowledge of the industrialized processes. With our expertise and precision we can offer our customers creative, well-documented and technically comprehensive solutions.