Cardiovascular small components

The demand of unique predictive abilities requires highly sophisticated products

Our business within the diagnostic segment mainly focuses on development and manufacturing of details and components used in tests of allergies, autoimmune diseases and similar types of analysis. The characteristic of the diagnostic market is to provide worldwide products with unique predictive abilities and opportunities for early diagnosis. The needs and demands of the market are therefore exacting and the diagnostic products are sophisticated and high-precision. There is a constant strive for perfection!

Exacting needs on small precision parts are met by our high in-depth understanding

Elos Medtech has gained more than 40 years’ experience in the diagnostic market by our expertise within injection moulding as well as design and manufacture of moulding tools of plastic products. We are focused in control and measuring, which ensures outstanding quality control and high precision in the measurement of plastic parts. This means security for our customers.

Our specialist expertise take responsibility of the stringent requirements

By providing our customers with high in-depth understanding and valuable guidance, we are early involved in the design and technical development of a customer’s product such as design of moulding tools, choice of material, design of components etc. Quality, expertise, flexibility and customisation are important key words in our operation, which ensure that our customers benefit from substantial added-value.

Market leading customers with a constant drive for perfection

We operate with experience and competence, providing complete solutions based on uncompromised quality for many of the world’s most prominent players in the diagnostic sphere. Details are produced to customers that manufacture instruments and apparatuses for drug production, laboratory, diagnostic, analytical and intensive care.