Precision, quality and simplicity

The dental implant market is mainly driven by increased awareness of dental implants as a treatment option among general dentists, as well as increased global welfare and higher interest of esthetics among patients. The dental implant is a long-term treatment where precision, quality and simplicity of the products are of importance and value for the patient, the dental professional and the dental company.

Long and extensive experience

As early as in 1975, Elos Medtech initiated a development project with Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, and began manufacturing dental products. The technology involved in manufacturing has been refined and new breakthroughs have resulted in gradual investments in ever more advanced production equipment.

Our offer of total commitment – Elos Medtech Complete Performance™

Based on quality and innovation our business within Dental Implant Systems offers advanced manufacturing and development of fixtures/implants, prosthetics and instruments with complicated geometries, surface structures and exacting hygiene requirements. Our offer of total commitment and complete solutions is called Complete Performance™.

Allowing you to focus on your core competence

Through Elos Medtech’s passion for innovation and strategic partnership with leading companies we are able to offer dental products as private label product or Elos Medtech labeled. Our technology allows our customers offer efficient solutions with functional features and guarantee which enable our customer’s customer to enhance their competitiveness.

Leading dental business partner based on uncompromised quality

Today there are a large number of companies operating in the global dental implant market such as dental implant companies, dental restorative companies, distributors, milling centers, other suppliers etc. We operate with experience and competence, providing turnkey solutions based on uncompromised quality for many of the world’s most prominent players in the dental implant sphere and seen as a leading business partner.