Products within delivery systems with extremely stringent requirements

Within our business of delivery systems, we develop and manufacture products and components for multi-use injection systems for diabetes treatment. The products are characterized by extremely stringent requirements and uncompromised quality.

Reliability and safety ensuring patients’ health and well-being

The market of diabetes care is not all about developing safe and effective therapies of insulin, but also innovating new and improved delivery systems for patients based on reliability and safety to ensure their health and well-being. Our long business background within delivery system goes hand-in-hand with the increasing number of diabetes patients worldwide and the launch of new successful treatment options.

Our long and extensive experience reduces the supply chain risk

We are proud of being a true business partner of delivery systems. We have a prolonged and extensive experience in this market which is built up on mutual cooperation and dialogue in development of finding innovative production solutions and proactive business continuity planning as well as fulfilling the regular inspections and audits. For the customer our long-term way of working means reduction of the supply chain risk and credibility in securing the demands of the future.

We have the capability and capacity to grow together with our customers

By our way of careful listening and acting towards our customer’s needs and challenges aiming to grow their business in emerging markets, we have the capability and capacity to follow our customer to new important geographical markets. We are partnering with the leader in this field.