Elos Medtech is able to offer various types of production technologies that are well adapted to the demands that medical device products are placing on precision with difficult and complex geometries, advanced surface treatments and exacting hygiene requirements.

We have CNC-certified machinery (both lathes and mills), several optical measuring instruments and advanced cleanroom equipment. We continuously invest in even more advanced production equipment while remaining cost-effective.

Turning, milling and welding

We have extensive experience in turning, milling and welding of titanium, stainless steel, PEEK and zirconia used in medicine and biotechnology.
Turning, milling and welding capabilities are offered by our facilities in Timmersdala (SE), Görlöse (DK) and Tianjin (CH).

Injection moulding

We are specialized in high-tech production of advanced precision moulding tools for injection moulding in high-tech thermoplastics for components requiring very fine tolerances.
Injection moulding capabilities are offered by our facility Microplast (SE).


To ensure the right level of product cleanliness prior to packaging, we have standardized several different washing processes based on the requirements of our customers. We can offer everything from cleaning with ultrasound in alcohol-based washing agent to water spray cleaner with RO water. We are able to document and print receipts from the validated processes and we regularly analyze our washing agent to ensure it has not been contaminated.