Our production in metals

We have extensive experience in turning, milling and welding in metals and different alloys such as titanium, high strength stainless steel, chrome cobalt and zirconium used in medicine and biotechnology.
Our productions of metals are offered by our facilities in Timmersdala (SE), Görlöse (DK) and Tianjin (CH).

Our production in thermoplastics

The injection-moulded parts are primarily made from difficult-to-machine plastics, including POM, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE, LCP, PEEK, PES, PPS and PPSU for clients who demand very fine tolerances.

We specialise in the production of thermoplastic components and our expertise is in small, low tolerance parts; 0.01 grams and more. Our competence center of thermoplastics is situated at Microplast (SE).

Our production in ceramics and plastics

We have extensive experience in milling and welding of ceramics, such as zirconium dioxide, and plastics used in medicine and biotechnology. Our productions of ceramics and plastics are offered by our facilities in Timmersdala (SE) and Görlöse (DK).