Validated production processes that ensure product quality

Quality, delivery precision and risk management are important to us. We always strive for the highest quality with great flexibility using validated production processes that ensure product quality. To support us in these efforts, we have built up our manufacturing units as mirror images of each other.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology combined with our experience and knowledge results in high-quality manufacturing, where we fulfill the requirements posed on us and our products. With a modern machine park of extremely high standard, there is equipment for both short series as well as comprehensive serial production.

All of the production at Elos Medtech is hallmarked by the highest quality combined with flexibility. Advanced measurement equipment is used both in serial production and during final inspections. Production quality is assured across many steps through statistical process management or AQL sampling.

Large production flexibility

Our production facilities are practically identical in construction, except for Microplast which is successfully niched towards small precision parts in thermoplastics. This gives us flexibility and opportunities to meet our customers’ capacity requirements, by moving production between the different units.

Continuous improvements

At pace with new breakthroughs, we have invested increasingly in advanced production equipment and manufacturing methods in order to improve quality, cost-effectiveness and delivery reliability. Our focus is to constantly increase the production effectiveness, for instance by increasing automation by installation of robots as well as setting up production cells.

Our offering of solutions and services within manufacturing are a part of Elos Medtech Complete Performance™.