We get involved early in the process

We specify requirements and areas of usage as early as in the conceptual and design phases. We contribute to everything from advanced FEM (Finite Element Method) calculations to 3D models and manufacturing drawings. Packaging can also be designed during the development stage. Regarding technical solutions within thermoplastics, moulding tools are designed by the experts at Microplast, as well as choice of material, design of components and production equipment.

In the initial development phase of your new product, we provide essential support in order to guarantee an optimal function of the product as well as achieving necessary cost effectiveness of the design and production processes of your new product by meeting required regulatory standards.

Design for manufacturing is our great strength

Thanks to close proximity our own prototype manufacturing and production, our development engineers have extensive experience of various production techniques. This means that “Design for manufacturing” is our great strength. In order to reduce time to market, our designers work in close collaboration with the customer and the clinics that evaluate the products.
Click here for an example of a mould flow analysis.