Various tensile, pressure and load tests in our own test labs

We have the ability and competence to consult you and carry out necessary tests in our own test laboratories. We carry out various tensile, pressure and load tests on a number of different materials, such as plastics, metal, rubber, paper, textiles and ceramics. The tests are both static and dynamic, mainly focusing on strength, elasticity and durability.

Individual test programs and static analysis

We are focused in control and measuring and one example is a unique measuring machine with multi-sensor technology, which ensures good quality control and high precision in the measurement of plastic parts. Individual test programs are drawn up for every analysis assignment, and are either reused for every separate test, or whenever the same test is to be repeated several times to ensure an identical test method. We also provide statistical analysis of the test results. Our focus provides security for our customers.

Test methods for accurate and reliable results

We have our products and materials tested in our own test laboratory. Our laboratory is highly efficient due to a number of factors: suitable testing facilities and equipment, valid testing methods and quality assurance procedures, qualified and well trained operators, traceability of measurements to national standards and accurate recording and reporting procedures. This means that we can assure our customers that we supply them with accurate and reliable results.