More than half a century of innovations and know-how

Elos Medtech Group

The overall strategy is to focus Elos Medtech Group’s companies and structure in to segments where a significant market position can be achieved.

The Elos Medtech Group was founded already in 1923 in Sweden. The Group contained several companies within the wood related industry for several decades. In 1980’s the Group was named AB Westergyllen and in 1989 AB Westergyllen was listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB, Small Cap List.

During the 1990’s and 2000’s, the Group’s structure further focused towards precision engineering by acquisitions of engineering companies. In 2003 a strategic decision was taken to increase the focus in Medical Technology. A strategic step to focus the Group’s was taken in 2006 when the wood industry companies were spun off to the shareholders.

In 2008 the Group decided to change name from AB Westergyllen to Elos AB, to mark its new focus. At the same time the Group decided to form two business areas – Medical Technology and Precision Technology changed to Metrology from December 2010 – where the Elos Medtech Group held significant market positions in certain parts of these market segments. The Medical Technology business has been built by acquisitions of medical device manufacturing companies which have led to increasing importance of the Medical Technology business of the Group’s total business.

1992 Acquisition of Elos Medtech Timmersdala AB Sweden (founded in 1952)

2005 Acquisition of Pinol A/S, Gorlose Denmark (founded in 1969)

2010 Establishment of Elos Medtech Tianjin Co Ltd China

2011 Acquisition of Microplast AB, Skara Sweden (founded in 1971)

2014 100% focus on Medical Technology by divestment of the Metrology division

2015 Acquisition of Onyx Medical Corporation, Memphis, TN, USA (founded in 1990)

Elos Medtech

Elos Medtech has extensive experience of product development, design of dental implants, orthopaedic products and medical device instruments in various types of material, primarily specialist materials such as titanium and thermo plastic materials. We have been involved within development since the 1960s, starting with the hip pins and later several other products within spine & trauma. As early as in 1975, Elos Medtech cooperated in a development project with Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, and began manufacturing dental implant products for replacement of teeth.

Elos Medtech Microplast has gained more than 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of moulding tools and in injection moulding. Today, the company is a high-tech production company in the thermoplastics industry with specialization in the design and production of advanced moulding tools and injection mouldings which require a very high level of precision used in medical- and biotechnology.

Over the years, Elos Medtech has gained a high level of in-depth understanding and specialist expertise, which we now use to meet the varying requirements and demands of our clients. Quality, expertise, flexibility and customization are important key words in our operation, which ensure that our clients benefit from substantial added-value.

Elos Medtech’s production is continuously improved, with a focus on quality, cost-effectiveness and delivery reliability. The technology involved in manufacturing has been refined and new breakthroughs have resulted in our gradually investing in ever more advanced production equipment. As a result of continuous improvements we formed and named our offering towards medical technology industry to Complete Performance™.

Elos Medtech is traditionally concerned with the development of other companies’ products but, to meet the trends in the medical technology business at large, we have recently introduced own products. In the end of 2000’s we launched a new torque wrench continued with innovative products within digital dentistry, Elos Medtech Accurate™.

Today we have medical technology customers worldwide. As a result of 50 years of experience and having over 500 employees at facilities in Europe, China and USA, we can guarantee expertise, quality and capacity.